Pittsburgh Attorneys For Day Care Injuries

It is normal for children to suffer minor scrapes and bruises. However, when a child needlessly suffers due to a serious injury caused by negligence, it can be devastating for both the child and the parents. Sadly, many children's injuries occur in day care centers. From poor staffing to dangerous conditions, negligence can come in many forms.

When a child care provider's recklessness results in a devastating injury, our personal injury attorneys at Robert Peirce & Associates, P.C., are prepared to help hold the negligent person accountable and pursue the maximum compensation available for the child's injury.

Pennsylvania Day Care Accident Attorneys

Day care providers are subject to many rules and regulations put in place to protect the safety of children. They must adhere to building codes, labor laws, staff-child ratios, licensing requirements, safety regulations and more. If your child was injured in a day care accident involving any of the following, speak to a lawyer about your options:

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