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In nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, staffing problems, poor training and poor quality control are all issues that can lead to poor patient care, and legal claims involving negligence and medical malpractice. At Robert Peirce & Associates Link to Firm Overview, we represent nursing home residents who have suffered serious injury or medical complications, including diabetic shock, as a result of unprofessional or negligent care. We offer a proven record based on more than 20 years of respected experience and an unwavering commitment to client support.

Pennsylvania Diabetic Shock Lawyer

When a diabetic person's blood sugar levels are not properly monitored and he or she does not receive the appropriate levels of insulin, diabetic shock, coma and death can occur. If your loved one has diabetes and requires nursing home care, you trust that the facility will monitor and manage the condition closely. If you suspect that your family member's blood sugar levels are not being checked regularly, or that he or she is not being given the insulin his or her body needs, contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Symptoms of diabetic shock, or hypoglycemic shock, include fainting/loss of consciousness, dizziness, irritability, hunger, pale skin, rapid heartbeat and loss of coordination. If your loved one has already fallen victim to nursing home negligence Link to Neglect in Personal Care Homes and suffered diabetic shock, it is extremely important that you take legal action to prevent future occurrences.

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