Pittsburgh Attorneys Handling Driver's License Suspensions

Experienced Counsel in Driver's License Suspension Cases

A drivers' license suspension can seriously affect a person's employment and lifestyle, creating serious and sometimes life changing challenges. As you face these problems, having a trusted and experienced lawyer on your side that can help you find workable solutions to difficult questions can make a difference.

If you have had your driver's license suspended, whether because of a traffic violation, DUI charge or medical disorder, the attorneys at the Pittsburgh law office of Robert Peirce & Associates, P.C., can help you get answers to difficult questions. We put our experience behind handling your driver's license suspension, including finding alternatives such as an occupational license.

Handling all Suspended License Cases

Our primary lawyer for driver's license suspension cases has worked extensively with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. We field the knowledge and experience to be effective in a wide range of suspension matters, including those involving:

  • DUI
  • Points violations
  • Traffic violations
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Improper use of medications
  • Seizures and medical disorders
  • Dementia

Many times, people don't realize they have ways to protect themselves and their rights when their driver's license has been suspended. Our firm has helped clients in the Greater Pittsburgh Area for decades, and we pride ourselves on building custom and workable solutions based on your unique situation and our knowledge of the law.

Do not choose to lose your job, your mobility or your rights because of inaction. Get the information you need to make an informed decision and lean on our experience in the law.

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