Attorneys Helping Railroad Workers Afflicted By Mesothelioma

The railroad industry in the United States still uses products that contain asbestos for a variety of purposes. The predominance of asbestos in the railroad industry peaked during the 20th century. Today, however, awareness of these dangers and the passage of stricter government safety requirements have made exposure to airborne fibers less likely.

Few law firms or attorneys offer the level of experience or proven track record of results with FELA claims found at Robert Peirce & Associates, P.C. If you worked in the railroad industry or lived with someone who did and have now been diagnosed with mesothelioma — we can help. For a free consultation — call or contact us online today.

Providing You With Legal Options

Most people who have been diagnosed with the asbestos cancer mesothelioma, and who were most likely exposed to asbestos fibers in their workplace, do not have the opportunity to file a lawsuit against their employer. They may apply for workers' compensation benefits. They may sue the manufacturer of the product itself. But against their employer — they have no cause of action.

Railroad employees, via the federal legislation known as the Federal Employer's Liability Act (FELA), can sue their employers. The primary advantage of FELA claims are the lower burdens of proof with regard to causation and with proving exposure from a specific product. Instead, claimants need only show that the employer used a particular product during the time the claimant was employed by them.

Our firm has an extraordinary amount of experience representing current and former railroad employees who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma. As a result of those experiences, we've developed a comprehensive understanding of FELA and with the requirements for filing lawsuits against railroad employers.

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