Finding Out Who Is At Risk For Mesothelioma

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Hazardous Occupations

Workers at risk for mesothelioma include:

  • Railroad workers may have been exposed to asbestos in hundreds of ways. The industry used asbestos insulation around pipes, boilers and railcars, in pipe gaskets, refrigeration units, brake shoes, clutches and many other products.
  • Steel mill workers face increased cancer risks as well. The steel industry used asbestos laden products in the construction of boilers, pipes, furnaces tools, and in the protective, heat and flame-resistant garments many workers wore to protect themselves.
  • Construction workers were, and in some cases still are, exposed to asbestos routinely. Asbestos-laden products used by these individuals include insulation, cement products, fireproofing materials and welding rods.
  • Shipyard workers with mesothelioma may have been exposed to asbestos used in pipes, boilers, insulating materials, pipe gaskets, floor tiles, ceiling and wall panels.
  • Pipefitters and boiler mechanics worked with and around asbestos products daily as asbestos was used in the manufacture of boilers and pipes, in pipe and boiler insulation, and in many other products related to this field.
  • Family members of individuals who worked in high-risk occupations are also at risk to develop mesothelioma. In these cases, asbestos fibers were carried into the home on skin, hair, clothing, tools and equipment.

Aside from the categories described above, there were many other occupations in which asbestos exposure was not uncommon. These workers include aircraft mechanics, automotive mechanics, chemical technicians, cosmetologists, custodians, electricians, firefighters, glass factory workers, hospital workers, machinists, merchant marines, mine workers, navy personnel, oil refinery workers, painters, paper mill workers, rubber industry workers, sheet metal workers, textile workers and welders.

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