Nursing Home Abuse & Chemical Restraints

Dazed and Confused

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One of the first firms in this area to make cases of nursing home abuse a separate and distinct practice, attorneys at Robert Peirce & Associates have handled many cases where chemical restraints have been used illegally and have helped many people in western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio to secure compensation for this type of harm.

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Is the use of chemical restraints always improper?

Under emergency circumstances or in situations where someone is considered to be a danger to themselves or others — chemical restraints may be used. Aside from emergencies however, the use of chemical restraints to reduce a resident's ability to think and act independently must be made part of the individual's care plan and the parameters of its use specified and approved.

How can you tell if chemical restraints are being used?

The first indication you may notice is a pronounced change in your loved one's behavior toward you when you come to visit. If they seem dazed, confused, uncommunicative or withdrawn, the staff may be using medication as a means of control. Other indicators of this type of nursing home abuse include similar behaviors in other residents, the lack of residents outside of their rooms, and the appearance that too few staff members are on duty.

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