Choosing a Nursing Home

A Difficult Decision

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Making the decision to put yourself, or a spouse, or a parent, or even an incapacitated adult child into a nursing or personal care home can be a tremendously difficult ordeal on its own. But once you've made that decision, another difficult one looms: choosing the nursing home itself.

If someone close to you is already in a nursing home or assisted living facility and you suspect that they are being abused or neglected — don't hesitate to call or contact Robert Peirce & Associates for a free consultation.

What should you consider when you choose a nursing home?

To begin, talk to people. Ask friends, co-workers or business associates for recommendations or for the names of people that they know have been through this process before. Online research is also a good way to get information and a basic feel for what a particular nursing home or care facility may be like. You may also be able to access basic information about certain facilities via government Web sites.

After narrowing your choices based on the information you've gathered and factors such as geographic location and affordability, visit the nursing homes on your list at least once during both visiting and non-visiting hours.

During these visits you may want to take note of whether residents generally seem happy, whether the hallways and common areas are clean and well-lit, and whether or not residents generally seem to be outside of their rooms and engaged in the daily activities of life.

One thing you should also do is to ask to view the most recent state survey of the facility. A copy of that report should be readily available for review at the nursing home's front desk. You can also ask for the contact information of the facility's ombudsman. The ombudsman will answer any direct questions you have with regard to complaints involving particular facilities.

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