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Importance of Fluid to Avoid Dehydration

Nursing Home Dehydration Lawsuits in Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio

Attorneys at the law firm of Robert Peirce & Associates have been handling cases of nursing home abuse and neglect for people in western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio for years. As a result, we have learned how to evaluate and investigate cases of nursing home dehydration, and how to turn the truths we discover into the compensation and justice our clients deserve.

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Are all cases of nursing home dehydration the result of neglect?

Although elderly persons and those with certain medical conditions may be prone to dehydration, most nursing home residents suffering from the effects of dehydration have been neglected in some important way. The number one culprit is often understaffing. With too few staff members available, making certain that each resident is getting the proper amount of fluid intake is simply an impossible task.

Why is dehydration so dangerous?

Dehydration can lead to the onset of other dangerous medical conditions, or make a number of existing medical conditions much worse. For instance, a resident who is allowed to become dehydrated can more easily develop pressure sores that staff may not think to check for. Those who suffer from dehydration are also at significantly increased risk for urinary tract infections, pneumonia and even death.

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