Robert Peirce & Associates Files Suit on Behalf of Developmentally Disabled Victims of Sexual Assault

Greensburg, PA - Robert Peirce & Associates, on April 13, 2010 filed a Civil Complaint in Westmoreland County, on behalf of 4 developmentally disabled adults, 3 of whom were sexually assaulted over a period of years while riding to and from The Arc of Westmoreland County where they participated in life skills programs. The remaining plaintiff was forced to remain on the bus while the assaults occurred.

The Complaint named as defendants Paul A. Lizza, First Student Inc., and Laidlaw Transit, Inc. Defendant Lizza committed the assaults and had pled guilty on February 16, 2010 to six (6) counts of Indecent Assault of a Person With a Mental Disability and six (6) counts of Indecent Assault without Consent of Other. Defendant First Student Inc. is the current owner of the bus company that employed Mr. Lizza as a bus driver. Defendant Laidlaw was a previous owner of the bus company.

In addition to claims made against Lizza directly relating to the assaults, the Complaint alleges that defendants First Student Inc. and Laidlaw knew or should have known of the assaults in that Lizza habitually picked up the plaintiffs twenty minutes early and dropped them off twenty minutes late and that Lizza regularly violated company rules related to smoking. This conduct occurred over a period of years.

Further, the complaint alleges that the bus company did not have a second adult supervisor on the bus as they should have, did not have video surveillance on the bus, did not periodically review Lizza's performance and did not adequately investigate Lizza's qualifications and competence to drive a bus carrying developmentally disabled adults.

The complaint asks for both compensatory and punitive damages against all defendants.

Further information on this matter can be obtained from Robert N. Peirce, III, at (412) 281-7229 or