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Real and Disabling Disorders of the Mind

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Bipolar, depression and anxiety disorders can not only deprive sufferers of anything remotely like the "normal enjoyment of life" — these afflictions may also rob from them the ability to support themselves through work.

At Robert Peirce & Associates, we understand just how real and disabling disorders of the mind can be. Since our firm began handling SSD and SSI claims for people more than 20 years ago — we have successfully helped numerous individuals in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia obtain disability benefits for diagnoses of bipolar disorder, severe depression and anxiety disorders.

If you can no longer perform routine daily activities or work because of bipolar disorder, depression or anxiety, please don't hesitate to contact our firm today for a free consultation with an attorney who can help.

The Social Security Administration requires the documentation for mental impairments such as bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety to include:

  • Symptoms and recognizable psychiatric signs that have been demonstrated over a significant period of time (symptoms may be described by the sufferer)
  • An assessment of the severity of the condition, including an evaluation of how activities of daily living; social functioning; and concentration, persistence and work pace have been impacted
  • A long-term diagnosis (short-term situational depression or anxiety disorders do not qualify)

Our attorneys and experienced staff possess a comprehensive knowledge of the law, long-term familiarity with the bureaucracy known as the Social Security Administration, and vast amounts of experience in both the initial claims and appeals processes.

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