Social Security Disability & Diabetes

Diabetes and Disability

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Although the endocrine disorder known as diabetes is considered manageable in most cases, its secondary and long-term effects can lead to disabilities that prevent sufferers from being able to function in a working capacity.

At Robert Peirce & Associates, we help people with diabetes in Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and northern West Virginia to apply for and obtain disability benefits. Our attorneys have been doing this type of work for more than two decades. As a result, they understand the medical and Social Security Administration requirements for diabetes disability claims and can provide the legal representation you need to reach a favorable result.

Children who suffer from diabetes may qualify for SSI and Medicaid benefits. If your child has Type I diabetes and is suffering serious complications as a result, call or contact our firm today for a free consultation.

Diabetes disability claims have been approved for various conditions, including:

  • Neuropathy
  • Retinopathy
  • Kidney ailments
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Vascular problems

It is very important that you take the medicines your doctor prescribes and follow through on any advice or referrals given.

If you do not follow your doctor's recommendations, the SSA or the administrative law judge assigned to your case may view that as non-compliance on your part, something that can have a very negative effect on how your claim is ultimately resolved.

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