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One More Step

Experienced Lawyers Handling Denied SSD and SSI Claims in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia

A disability claim denial is not the end of the world. Remember: Two out of every three SSD and SSI claims are denied initially. What is important to recognize is that these systems are set up that way in order to minimize fraudulent claims.

In other words: Having your initial claim denied doesn't mean the government thinks your claim is fraudulent or that you could work if you really wanted to. It simply means that you have to add at least one more step to the process.

If you have recently received a claim denial from the Social Security Administration (SSA), don't give up on your claim and don't hesitate to call or contact our firm today for a free consultation and an honest assessment of your chances on appeal.

Was your SSD or SSI disability claim denied? You have 60 days to appeal that decision.

We Do the Heavy Lifting, Not You

At Robert Peirce & Associates, we handle SSD and SSI related to disability claim denials by the SSA.

Lawyers at our firm have a great deal of appellate experience and have established a long track record for successful representation of SSD and SSI clients at both the administrative and appellate levels in the Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and northern West Virginia regions.

As a firm, we take the burdensome, arduous paperwork demands of the appeals process off of our clients' shoulders. We move quickly. We do the heavy lifting as well — the gathering of medical records, work histories and all of the documentation that these agencies require.

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