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Police investigating bloody attack on nursing home resident

A disturbing incident at a nursing home about 100 miles northwest of Pittsburgh is still under investigation more than 11 months after it occurred. Authorities believe that a 90-year-old resident at the nursing home was beaten in the head by a nurse's aide, causing a concussion and bleeding. The woman died a month later and her family believes the alleged attack could have hastened her death. So far, the accused nurse's aide has not been charged.

A state inspection report from February provides some details of what happened. The accused aide, referred to in the report as STNA 6, was reportedly in a bad mood upon starting her shift and had been "drinking wine." The aide and another aide, referred to as STNA 8, went into the victim's room to get her and her roommate up for the day. When STNA 6 attempted to use a mechanical lift to get the roommate out of bed, the lift slipped out of the aide's hands and struck the roommate's leg. The aide became enraged and began striking the wall as he cursed loudly.

According to the report, STNA 8 left the room to respond to a resident call. STNA 6 went to the victim's side of the room and drew a curtain, blocking the roommate's view. The roommate heard three slaps and the victim crying out. A few minutes later, STNA 6 told a nurse on duty that the victim was bleeding from her head. The nurse went into the room and found the victim with swelling, cuts and bruises on her face and "several washcloths full of blood" sitting on a counter.

The victim was taken to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a concussion. She died on Feb. 28. While recognizing the victim's health problems given her advanced age, her family says that the attack likely contributed to her death.

Source:, "Beating of 90-year-old spurs anger, questions," Alyssa Lenhoff, Dec. 3, 2012

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