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May 2013 Archives

Authorities sometimes slow to act in nursing home abuse cases

In our last blog post, we discussed the increasing use of "granny cams" to capture evidence that a loved one living in a nursing home in Pittsburgh or elsewhere is being abused. Many families have been forced to turn to one of these hidden cameras when they suspect that the nursing home staff is abusing their aging relative. The camera often captures abusive behavior going on behind closed doors that the victim is unable to alert relatives about.

Capturing nursing home abuse -- or violating workers' privacy?

Readers of this Pittsburgh elder law blog have seen us discuss hidden cameras in nursing home residents' rooms before. Sometimes called "granny cams," loved ones who suspect that a resident is the victim of nursing home abuse sometimes place these cameras in the resident's bedroom to tape what goes on in there when the relatives are not around to monitor the situation. They say that video does not lie, and often the objective lens will reveal what the resident cannot say and what his or her abusers refuse to admit.

3 women at nursing home report rapes by male residents

Pittsburgh residents who live in nursing homes are frequently vulnerable and have a hard time protecting themselves due to age or disability. For this reason, the facility's staff is supposed to do what they can to protect them from harm. This includes harm one resident causes on another. If the allegations made by three woman at one nursing home in another state are true, the home badly failed in its responsibilities.

Backlog for veterans' benefits still a problem in Pittsburgh

Back on Nov. 6, we told our readers about the problems the Pittsburgh Veterans' Administration Regional Office was having processing claims for veterans' benefits in a timely matter. At that time, VA officials were blaming a sharp increase in applications both from older veterans and from those returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for the delays. At the time, veterans had to wait an average of 10 months before their initial application was approved or rejected.

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