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Veterans' benefits lawyer may speed disability claims process

The past few weeks have seen an improvement of sorts in the backlog of veterans' claims for disability. A report released by the Veterans Affairs Department shows a 13 percent reduction in the number of disability cases backlogged, from 611,000 down to 531,000. The cases that make up the backlog are ones that have been pending longer than 125 days. With backlog numbers like this, many people in Pennsylvania believe it is beneficial to use a veterans' benefits lawyer to file their claims or follow-up on existing claims.

Although no one would dispute that the recent increase in cases processed is welcome news, the fact remains that many of the remaining 531,000 cases are much older than 125 days. Some of the backlogged claims that were recently processed had been pending for two years. According to VA representatives, there are 2,000 of those cases still pending. It seems that when a process such as the VA disability claims process is inherently lengthy, and delays are the rule, not the exception, it makes sense to try to accelerate the process in any way possible.

Many people feel that having the assistance of someone who understands the process and the types of forms and documentation required helps to insure that their claim is filed completely and correctly to start. This saves time spent in submitting corrections. They also note that someone familiar with the process can follow-up and track the progress of the disability claim, bringing it to the attention of claims processors who are obviously buried in backlogged claims.

There is some truth in the adage "the squeaky wheel gets the grease." When it comes to submitting, tracking, and making sure that your veterans disability is processed as quickly and smoothly as possible, many Pennsylvania veterans count on a veterans' benefits lawyer to be the "squeaky wheel" on their behalf. Hopefully, the measures implemented by the VA that resulted in this increased number of processed claims will continue to whittle down the number of cases waiting processing.

Source: Huffington Post, "Veterans Affairs Department Shows Progress On Disability Claims Backlog," Kevin Freking, June 20, 2013

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