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July 2013 Archives

Neglect in personal care homes lawyers: Private homes abuse also

Attention has been given to the abuse and sometimes appalling neglect of residents in personal care homes, but frightening and tragic allegations of similar offenses can also be found in private homes. Neglect in personal care homes lawyers champion the cause of families whose loved ones are treated poorly in institutionalized care centers, but a recent and shocking discovery in Pennsylvania shows that there is also a need to protect those who are receiving care in private homes. In the tragic case of a 70-year-old woman whose care was provided by a couple living in a private home, the issue of care or protection is no longer relevant -- she died, and the husband and wife who were her caregivers are being charged with third-degree murder.

It's worse in Pennsylvania: a veterans' benefits lawyer can help

According to a U.S. Senator looking into the problem of the backlog in veterans' benefits claims processing, things have gotten "exponentially worse." Pennsylvania veterans face one of this country's worst backlog situations when they apply for benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Another U.S. Senator who has been involved in trying to fix the backlog situation has stated that government so far "has not really been solving the problem." Veterans attempting to secure benefits in The Keystone State should consider seeking the assistance of a veterans' benefits lawyer as a means of shortening wait times such as the 474-day processing time that was recently measured for claims filed through the Pittsburgh VA Regional office.

Overcoming insanity -- a veterans' benefits lawyer basic skill

"Be patient a little longer" is not what someone wants to hear when the individual being asked to wait is a disabled or needy veteran. The primary job of a veterans' benefits lawyer, whether in Pennsylvania or anywhere else, is to expedite and assist in veterans obtaining their benefits -- before it's too late. That is, while they're still alive or before they become homeless.

Veterans' benefits lawyer: A solution to the red-tape nightmare

The men and women who have served in our armed forces deserve much better than being forced to fight a red-tape nightmare when applying for their well-earned veterans' benefits. Hundreds of forms can be required to file a United States veterans' claim for health or disability benefits. In a system that's both clogged and backlogged, veterans here in Pennsylvania or anywhere else can best be served by enlisting the aid of a knowledgeable veterans' benefits lawyer to help cut through the walls of red tape.

Pennsylvania medical malpractice suits more likely to fail

It is little wonder that many Pennsylvania residents can become distressed when the trust that exists between a doctor and a patient is broken. Patients rightfully expect the utmost degree of professionalism when they place their lives in the hands of their doctors. A recent article has indicated, though, that filing a medical malpractice suit against a doctor one suspects may be negligent is no longer a simple affair.

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