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Social Security disability information could be misleading

As Pennsylvania residents grow older, the risk of acquiring a disability that keeps them from working becomes higher. Not being able to work nor generate an income can have a detrimental effect on individuals' ways of life, and they may find themselves needing Social Security Disability insurance. Collecting government assistance can be greatly beneficial, but it is important that the information concerned parties have about the program is correct.

It is not always negative to gain information from the media. However, material presented on television or other news outlets may not always be a factual as the presentation may lead viewers or readers to believe. The television program 60 Minutes is currently under scrutiny for presenting information about SSDI that other parties found not entirely truthful. The program gave accounts of the benefits program possibly running out of money and that fraudulent claims were drawing a significant amount of the funds.

Those in possible opposition to the information relayed through the program presented their own knowledge that more people are turned down for benefits than are accepted. They also partly attributed the increased number of applicants to the number of people who were born during the baby boom who are now at an older age where inability to work is more common. These older adults who gave their years as hard workers may be seeking the benefits that could help them continue to lead their lives.

Hearing that benefit programs such as Social Security Disability insurance are at risk for running out of money can be distressing for older adults. They should not feel that they must worry unnecessarily, however, which is why correct information on such situations is vital. Pennsylvania residents who wish to gain knowledge on SSDI could find helpful information at the national and local level regarding this vital program.

Source:, Outrage Grows Over ???60 Minutes??? Hatchet Job on Disability Fraud, Greg Mitchell, Oct. 8, 2013

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