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Another hospital negligence suit against Pittsburg VA hospital

Readers of this blog may remember a recent post regarding the Pittsburgh Veterans Association hospital. The quality of care given by this hospital has been criticized by veteran patients of the facility and their families, and a number hospital negligence claims have been filed against the medical center. In the most recent case, relatives of an 83-year-old veteran brought forward a lawsuit against the hospital for allegedly causing their father's death.

Thus far, only two actual lawsuits have been filed. However, evidence suggests that more lawsuits are to come. In fact, a total of 21 different civil claim forms have already been filed by plaintiffs. These forms are also referred as Form 95s, and the are a required preliminary step before initiating a federal lawsuit.

In this most recent filing, the plaintiffs allege that the Legionnaires' outbreak, which killed their father, was caused by the hospital's failure to maintain its water treatment system. Further, the family is claiming that the hospital negligently delayed treatment of their father, after the hospital was aware their father likely had Legionnaire's Disease. They allege that it was this lapse in treatment that gave the disease a chance to take hold and claim the life of their father.

The family is requesting compensatory damages of $10 million for the hospital negligence that led to their father's death. However, according to one family member, they are more interested in finding out how and why their father died. Indeed, no amount of compensation will ever be enough to replace someone dear. Still, a hospital negligence claim can be a way for this Pittsburgh family to get the answers they are seeking about how their father died, and gain some level of closure in the matter.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Second lawsuit filed in deadly Pittsburgh VA Legionnaires' outbreak, Sean Hamill, Dec. 6, 2013

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