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March 2014 Archives

Medical malpractice verdict awards $2.88 million to family

Elderly residents in Pennsylvania tend to be the ones who visit their doctors the most. With increased visits to hospitals, however, comes the increased risk of becoming the victim of medical malpractice. Fortunately, those who suffer injury from doctor error and/or the families of those who are killed can seek justice by filing a civil suit in court. While the results of such a case are never guaranteed, financial restitution and other types of restitution can be obtained when such a claim is successfully navigated.

Pennsylvania regulators levy fines for nursing home neglect

Pennsylvania state regulators are still having an issue with the Trexler Park Manor nursing home. First, the problem involved a bedbug infestation. However, now that the bedbug problem has been resolved, regulators are continuing to express their concerns over the possibility of nursing home neglect.

Medical facility must pay $1,730 for nursing home neglect

Pennsylvania residents must make sure that the quality of care received by their loved ones is the best that it can possibly be. Nursing home neglect is all too common in the United States, and tragically, much of it goes completely unreported. However, when identified, victims and their families can seek justice and financial compensation under the law.

Good news for veterans applying for Social Security disability

Social security benefits help people who are disabled -- including wounded veterans -- get the financial assistance they need for their daily living expenses. Many Pennsylvania residents, veterans and civilians alike, rely on their monthly Social Security disability checks to make ends meet. However, there are specific requirements that one must satisfy before qualifying to receive such benefits. After reviewing these requirements and their own specific situation, individuals with medical issues can evaluate their potential for receiving them.

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