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August 2014 Archives

Social Security Disability Insurance benefits can be huge help

Being told that one can no longer work in Pennsylvania due to a medical condition can be emotionally debilitating, just as the medical condition can be mentally or physically debilitating. When a person feels lost and weak upon hearing this news, however, he or she can find strength in Social Security Disability Insurance. This insurance is often the only source disabled people and their families can depend on.

Proposed bill could benefit Social Security disability recipients

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill may provide for the creation of a special kind of tax-free savings account to benefit people receiving Social Security disability. The proposed bill, which would affect recipients of Social Security disability throughout the country is being referred to as the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act. One of the motivations for creating the bill is to resolve the fact that many individuals with disabilities are discouraged from working or going to school under the current laws affecting Social Security recipients in Pennsylvania.

Social Security Disability recipients use high amounts of opioids

A recent study shows that approximately 40 percent of individuals who receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in Pennsylvania and the rest of the country are taking opioid pain medication. Further, 20 percent of those individuals are taking the pain relievers for long periods of time, which could cause them to become addicted to the medication. The fact that such a high percentage of Social Security Disability recipients are at risk of such an addiction has the researchers who conducted the study concerned.

Caregiver found guilty of nursing home abuse

A caregiver was recently convicted of abuse in a northwest state. The caregiver was in charge of caring for an elderly female patient, but rather than safeguarding the woman’s health, the 60-year-old staff member committed various forms of nursing home abuse on her patient, including beating and verbally abusing her. She also poured water into her patient's feeding tube.

Doctor loses license after medical malpractice allegations

A state board of osteopathic medicine has approved the suspension of a medical doctor’s license unanimously. The suspended doctor was accused of using dirty syringes on several of his patients. Whether these accusations are true, the danger of using dirty syringes in Pennsylvania is real and could constitute as medical malpractice in many cases.

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