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October 2014 Archives

Pittsburgh medical malpractice claims

If you cannot trust what your family doctor or surgeon tells you, then who can you trust? The fact is, most doctors and surgeons do an incredible job with their patients. Sometimes, though, a Pittsburgh doctor makes a mistake out of negligence or out of  a gross disregard for standard medical procedure. If that mistake results in a serious injury, then medical malpractice may have occurred.

Supplemental Security Income claims in Pennsylvania

Social Security disability (SSD) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are a vital part of the lives of many American citizens. Indeed, numerous Americans depend on Social Security disability and Supplemental Security Income in order to finance their daily living needs. Nevertheless, as vital as this income is, the process of getting the benefits can be deeply frustrating and, in some cases, difficult to achieve.

Pursuing nursing home neglect claims in Pennsylvania

Some say that nursing home neglect is a product of the times and the direct result of the rising costs of medical care. Individuals who claim to be in the "know" say that nursing home neglect happens because care facilities simply cannot afford to hire enough staff to take care of the residents who depend on these facilities for their welfare. The fact is that no excuse exists for nursing home neglect. It is unlawful, and no human being should ever be treated in this fashion.

What Pennsylvania residents know about medical malpractice

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reports that medical malpractice is currently the third most common form of death in America -- just behind heart disease and cancer. In 2012, in excess of $3 billion was paid out in medical malpractice judgments and settlements. More frightening statistics could be cited about medical negligence, but there, the average consumer needs to know more than just numbers and figures if he or she hopes to avoid becoming one of them.

Veterans' benefits denied for man pronounced dead in error

A Korean War veteran from a southern state recently discovered that he was mistakenly pronounced dead. His death was incorrectly pronounced by the Department of Veterans' Affairs, meaning that his veterans' benefits lapsed. Further, the timing of his benefits being cut could not have been worse, as the man was suffering from serious health problems following the recent death of his wife. Problems like this are actually all too common in Pennsylvania and other areas of the country. 

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