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Pursuing nursing home neglect claims in Pennsylvania

Some say that nursing home neglect is a product of the times and the direct result of the rising costs of medical care. Individuals who claim to be in the "know" say that nursing home neglect happens because care facilities simply cannot afford to hire enough staff to take care of the residents who depend on these facilities for their welfare. The fact is that no excuse exists for nursing home neglect. It is unlawful, and no human being should ever be treated in this fashion.

Indeed, Pennsylvania residents and their families pay a lot of money so that they can have the much-needed services that only a nursing home can provide. Round-the-clock access to medical services is a requirement for the individuals who live in these facilities, and when they do not receive it -- and suffer injuries or death as a result -- they may have strong claims for restitution under the law. At Robert Peirce & Associates, PC, we are committed to the representation of the victims of this kind of abuse and their families.

Still, Pennsylvania residents must be proactive to identify when their loved ones are being abused and/or neglected. Whenever visiting a family member or friend in a nursing home, ask the individual if he or she is receiving the care he or she requires. If the person is not able to speak for him- or herself, check for signs of abuse and neglect -- signs like bedsores, weight loss, not being bathed or bruising.

Nursing home neglect is viewed as a serious matter by the Pennsylvania court system. Nursing homes and medical facilities that neglect their patients can be held liable for the damages and injuries that result from that neglect. In some cases, negligent nursing facilities may be liable for medical costs, pain and suffering, disability and other damages stemming from from the abuse. 

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