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Defending Pennsylvania residents against nursing home neglect

Pennsylvania residents with relatives in nursing homes fully expect that the nursing homes will care for their relatives in a fashion that is dignified, respectable and medically sound. However, many individuals are subjected to nursing home neglect in our state's nursing homes, and sometimes that mistreatment results in injuries and/or deaths. Numerous cases of falling accidents, malnutrition, dehydration, pressure ulcers and bedsores are reported each year.

At Robert, Pearce & Associates, P.C., we help victims of nursing home neglect and their families pursue claims for justice and restitution relating to their injuries. Whenever such a case is undertaken, we will evaluate medical records to determine the medical condition of the victim and the extent of his or her injuries. Sometimes, medical experts are used to confirm the cause of the nursing home patient's injuries and to confirm that they were indeed the result of neglect or abuse.

Whenever a nursing home is accused of neglect or abuse, it is a virtual certainty that the nursing home will deny culpability. Therefore, it is important that Pennsylvania family members who have doubts about the quality of the care their relatives are receiving fully investigate their doubts and follow up by meeting with representatives of the nursing home. It may also be necessary to contact an outside doctor to evaluate the situation.

If your loved one has suffered a serious injury as a result of nursing home neglect, rest assured that Pennsylvania law is on your family's side. In fact, a successfully navigated personal injury claim relating to nursing home neglect could be a way to recover much-needed funds to pay for the cost of medical care relating to your loved one's injuries. The pursuit of such a case could also result in the eventual criminal prosecution of the nursing home staff members guilty of abuse and other illegal actions relating to the nursing home neglect.

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