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July 2015 Archives

Medical malpractice suit filed against boy's treatment facility

Medical malpractice in Pennsylvania can cause an ill person to become even sicker while in the care of a doctor. One woman in another state recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a treatment facility, claiming that her disabled child was inappropriately treated there. Her child has Criduchat syndrome and is unable to talk, walk or see.

Deceased man's estate files nursing home neglect lawsuit

Sometimes an elderly individual in a Pennsylvania nursing home receives care that is so poor that it causes the person's death. Unfortunately, one man in another state recently passed away due to alleged nursing home neglect. The man's estate is now suing the center believed to have negligently cared for him.

Woman allegedly died due to nursing home neglect

When a loved one ends up dying in a Pennsylvania nursing home due to neglect on the part of the facility, this is grounds for a civil lawsuit. In an out-of-state case, the loved ones of a woman, 85, who passed away at a nursing home have filed a lawsuit against the establishment, alleging nursing home neglect. The family said the woman's daughter-in-law produced video showing that the nursing home staff had ignored the woman's cries for over an hour.

Medical malpractice suit filed after nurse allegedly drops woman

Nursing staff who fail to exercise a reasonable degree of care when handling patients in Pennsylvania may be held financially responsible for injuries or deaths that occur as a result. One woman in a different state said one nurse's carelessness led to her mom's death. As a result, she has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Medical malpractice allegedly led to woman's death

If a medical facility in Pennsylvania is negligent in how they treat a patient and ends up causing the patient to die, the patient's surviving family members have the right to seek to hold this facility accountable. The family members of one woman who passed away in another state after having three seizures has decided to sue the hospital that first saw her for treatment. In the medical malpractice lawsuit, the family accused the hospital along with a neurologist and emergency room doctor of medical malpractice.

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