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September 2015 Archives

Woman says nursing home neglect caused grandmother's death

Poor-quality treatment in a nursing home can sadly lead to an elderly individual's death in Pennsylvania. One woman in another state said she lost her grandmother due to a nursing home's poor care. She has thus filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the facility, alleging nursing home neglect.

Athlete wins $4 million-plus in medical malpractice suit

When a surgeon's actions end up hurting instead of helping a patient, the patient has the right to take legal action through the civil court system in Pennsylvania. One university football player filed a medical malpractice legal suit against a doctor who reportedly botched the player's spine surgery. He was awarded more than $4 million in the suit.

Man who must get penis amputated files nursing home neglect suit

One nursing home's negligence in Pennsylvania can end up costing a resident his or her ability to lead a normal, fulfilling life. One man in a recent out-of-state case said one nursing home was negligent with regard to his catheter problems, which ultimately led to the man's penis amputation. The man has thus filed a nursing home neglect suit against the facility.

SSD insurance benefit application process may be challenging

When a person suffers a disability in Pennsylvania, he or she may unfortunately be unable to continue working. Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSD insurance, can feel like a lifesaver for those who can no longer work due to physical or mental issues and thus cannot support themselves financially. Applying for SSD, however, can be a challenging and frustrating process, with just one mistake potentially causing a person to lose the opportunity to obtain the benefits he or she needs long term.

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