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March 2016 Archives

Report seeks to raise medical malpractice awareness

Many medical care providers work diligently to provide the best possible care for their patients. Despite the thousands of medical workers in Pennsylvania who are well-trained professionals, there are those who can potentially cause significant damage due to medical malpractice. A recent report issued by Consumer Reports recently examined doctor's licensing records in an attempt to make people more aware of the importance of transparency.

Citations issued following investigation into nursing home abuse

Those who require care at a nursing home facility in Pennsylvania are often sometimes unable to be their own advocate. Due to mental and physical conditions, some are left unable to communicate. As a result, some say that hidden video cameras are starting to play an increasingly helpful role in detecting nursing home abuse. Such technology reportedly helped identify instances of such abuse at an out-of-state facility.

2 patients claim hospital negligence harmed them

Patients in the Pennsylvania hospitals have the reasonable expectation that they will receive a certain acceptable standard of care. When this standard is not met, patients can suffer additional harm that may have lifelong implications. Two patients who were treated by an out-of-state hospital have recently made accusations regarding hospital negligence against the same facility.

Could an employee's alleged acts be hospital negligence?

Thanks to advances in the medical field, doctors are better prepared to treat illness today than they were centuries ago. Additionally, medical personnel in Pennsylvania are better able to help patients manage their pain. Despite these advances, many patients find themselves suffering as a result of harm caused by medical staff. For example, personnel at an out-of-state hospital are contacting patients to let them know they could have potentially been exposed to three different blood borne diseases as a result of the alleged actions of a hospital employee, likely prompting some to question whether hospital negligence may have been a factor.

Disabled veterans exposed to Agent Orange denied benefits

There are thousands of people in the United States who have risked, or are currently risking, their lives in order to protect the country. They do so expecting little in turn other than that any injuries or harm they suffer while putting their lives on the line will be properly cared for. Unfortunately, disabled veterans in Pennsylvania and across the country suffering as a result of exposure to Agent Orange have found their requests for help from the Department of Veteran Affairs denied.

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