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June 2016 Archives

Veterans' benefits cease following incorrect death declaration

Many veterans in Pennsylvania depend upon the money they receive every month from the Veterans Benefits Administration. However, as evidenced by the multiple news stories detailing the failures of the VA, the process of qualifying for veterans' benefits is often lengthy. Even once approved, there are some who struggle to receive their benefits because of administrative errors made by the VA. For example, one out-of-state man claims he stopped receiving benefits after someone at the VA indicated that he had passed away.

Guitar player claims delayed diagnosis led to inoperable cancer

Cancer is a scary diagnosis. Although advancements in treatment have improved over the last several decades, most people would agree that the earlier cancer is discovered and treated, the better. Unfortunately, one man, a guitarist in Pennsylvania, claims that the delayed diagnosis of his cancer has led to inoperable cancer. Now, he is fighting to ensure that other people do not suffer similarly.

Lawsuit claims that medical malpractice led to brain damage

For parents, it is horrifying to see their child experiencing medical emergencies. Many parents in Pennsylvania rush to the hospital and place the care of their child into the hands of medical care professionals. Unfortunately, one out-of-state family claims that medical malpractice turned a scary situation into a lifelong issue after their young son suffered brain damage.

Family claims man died as a result of preventable bed sores

When an older family member becomes ill, families often have no other choice than to rely on help from facilities such as nursing homes. Unfortunately, many families in Pennsylvania have experienced harm to their loved one as a result of nursing home neglect. As a result, the families of these victims often choose to seek recompense in a civil court. One out-of-state family has chosen to take such action, claiming that their 87-year-old family member died as a result of bed sores.

Veterans' benefits terminated when vets wrongly declared deceased

Members of the military often do not return home in the same condition in which they left. While few people join the military for veterans' benefits, they do expect to receive the benefits they were promised. Unfortunately, the news has been filled with stories of how the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has been failing veterans in Pennsylvania and across the country. Recently, it has been revealed that thousands of veterans have wrongfully been declared deceased, resulting in a stop to their benefits.

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