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July 2016 Archives

Help with a Social Security Disability benefits claim

Most workers likely have a similar plan for their life -- they hope to work until they are ready to retire. Unfortunately, not all plans work out as intended. For example, many in Pennsylvania have faced significant struggles as a result of an injury or illness. Facing the prospect of unemployment due to their disabilities, many examine their option in regards to Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Those who have spent a portion of their lives paying into the system are sometimes shocked to find that it is difficult to be approved for them.

Toddler's death could be case of medical malpractice

When people in Pennsylvania become parents, they often live with the fear that something terrible will happen to their children. They often go to great lengths to ensure safety. However, parents expect that leaving their children in the care of experienced medical professionals is safe. One out-of-state family, however, is now coping with the tragic death of their young child in what could be a case of medical malpractice.

Surgical error leads to $1.67 million award

Few people in Pennsylvania want to undergo surgery. Because of the risks of anesthesia and the pain of recovery, surgery is often the last resort for many people. However, as people age, they often discover that they have difficulty moving around, prompting them to seek medical intervention. Unfortunately for one-of-state woman, a surgical error that occurred during her knee replacement actually worsened her condition.

Medical malpractice suit claims maggot found in patient's mouth

When a person in Pennsylvania experiences a serious medical complication, family members likely know to expect the unexpected. However, they maintain an expectation that doctors and other medical professionals will ensure that their loved ones receive the necessary and appropriate care. Because the family members of a deceased out-of-state woman claim that the patient was a victim of medical malpractice, they have filed a lawsuit against the hospital that treated her.

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