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December 2016 Archives

Nursing home abuse a widespread problem

It is estimated that more than three million seniors live in some type of nursing home in the United States. What many may not know is it is estimated that approximately 16 percent of those seniors will fall victim to nursing home abuse. Pennsylvania families may benefit from learning more about this serious issue before seeking such care for their loved ones.

Surgical error and the wrong medication leaves woman sightless

Medical negligence claims for injuries to the eyes are common in Pennsylvania and other states. The status of one's eyesight is a critical health issue for people moving into their elder years. With good medical attention, however, most older citizens can expect to enjoy reasonably effective eyesight for the duration of their lives. Unfortunately, in a small number of cases, patients come forward with complaints of surgical error and other forms of medical malpractice against their eye doctors.

Student athletes' class action concussion lawsuit against Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association moves forward

Student athletes who suffered concussions while playing school sports have a better chance at getting justice now that a Lawrence County judge has allowed a class action lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) to move forward.

Nursing home neglect is still a problem in Pennsylvania

Nursing home abuse and neglect continues to be a problem in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation. The precise causes of nursing home neglect are still unknown, but lack of training and supervision stand at the top of the list. The qualifications for working in that kind of institution are not as rigorous as for a nursing staff in a hospital.

Federal court awards $672,681.67 in medical malpractice case

If a doctor's negligence causes the patient to suffer an increased risk of harm, that is a compensable element of damages in a medical negligence case in Pennsylvania and other states. In a recent finding of medical malpractice by a federal District Court Judge, the court ordered the defendant doctor to pay his former patient the sum of $672,681.67. The patient was 24 years old in 2013 when the doctor negligently treated her for post-partum bleeding just seven days after her child's birth.  

Judge rules in federal medical malpractice lawsuit

Young couples in Pennsylvania often have big plans for their future. This often includes the number of children they intend to have. Unfortunately, any future plans for expanding their family were dashed for one out-of-state couple after a doctor failed to provide alternatives to a hysterectomy after a women suffered heavy bleeding following a cesarean section. A federal judge recently ruled against the doctor who performed the procedures in the medical malpractice lawsuit that followed.

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