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Woman witnesses nursing home neglect through hidden camera

One of the greatest acts of trust is turning the care of loved ones over to others. When that loved one is a cherished elderly and vulnerable parent, then the realization that nursing home neglect has occurred is likely a devastating revelation. While one woman's story did not occur in Pennsylvania, sadly, this story is not restricted to just one area of the country.

Recently, the woman shared how she discovered that her father had suffered alarmingly substandard care while residing at the home that was trusted to provide proper care for the 94-year-old. The woman stated that she became concerned when she noticed that her parent appeared to have suffered from a marked downturn in his health. While the man was already blind and diagnosed with a debilitating brain illness, the daughter, who is also a nurse, stated that the change in his appearance and physical condition was concerning and led her to suspect that he was being neglected.

The woman then hid a camera in the room in order to observe the staff. She reported witnessing them leaving food trays in the room and not following the mandate that he be assisted with meals. On more than one occasion, the elderly man was seen attempting to drink fluids not intended as a beverage in an attempt to quench his thirst. He also was left unattended for almost an entire shift, during which he fell from his bed. He was not assisted until approximately 60 minutes afterwards.

There were other instances of neglect captured on film that alarmed and saddened the woman. The case is now in the hands of Minnesota officials. Unfortunately, this case is not an isolated incident as there are many other cases of abuse and neglect that have been investigated around the country. Pennsylvania residents who suspect that their loved one has been a victim of nursing home neglect or abuse may consult an attorney who specializes in elder law as a way of punishing those facilities and individuals responsible.

Source:, "Suspicious daughter installs hidden camera at her father's nursing home and comes away heartbroken", Parker Lee, April 12, 2017

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