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Veterans' Benefits Archives

Test for new benefit for vets with post-traumatic stress disorder

When a person returns from war, the physical injuries he or she suffers are often visible. Unfortunately, many veterans suffer psychological harm -- invisible to the eye -- as a result of their war experiences. Some in Pennsylvania suffer so severely from post-traumatic stress disorder, for example, that they are unable to leave their homes. A new pilot program is seeking to better understand how service dogs may be able to help veterans suffering in such a manner.

Help with a Social Security Disability benefits claim

Most workers likely have a similar plan for their life -- they hope to work until they are ready to retire. Unfortunately, not all plans work out as intended. For example, many in Pennsylvania have faced significant struggles as a result of an injury or illness. Facing the prospect of unemployment due to their disabilities, many examine their option in regards to Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Those who have spent a portion of their lives paying into the system are sometimes shocked to find that it is difficult to be approved for them.

Veterans' benefits cease following incorrect death declaration

Many veterans in Pennsylvania depend upon the money they receive every month from the Veterans Benefits Administration. However, as evidenced by the multiple news stories detailing the failures of the VA, the process of qualifying for veterans' benefits is often lengthy. Even once approved, there are some who struggle to receive their benefits because of administrative errors made by the VA. For example, one out-of-state man claims he stopped receiving benefits after someone at the VA indicated that he had passed away.

Veterans' benefits terminated when vets wrongly declared deceased

Members of the military often do not return home in the same condition in which they left. While few people join the military for veterans' benefits, they do expect to receive the benefits they were promised. Unfortunately, the news has been filled with stories of how the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has been failing veterans in Pennsylvania and across the country. Recently, it has been revealed that thousands of veterans have wrongfully been declared deceased, resulting in a stop to their benefits.

Disabled veterans exposed to Agent Orange denied benefits

There are thousands of people in the United States who have risked, or are currently risking, their lives in order to protect the country. They do so expecting little in turn other than that any injuries or harm they suffer while putting their lives on the line will be properly cared for. Unfortunately, disabled veterans in Pennsylvania and across the country suffering as a result of exposure to Agent Orange have found their requests for help from the Department of Veteran Affairs denied.

Good news for Vietnam War veterans' benefits

A successful federal lawsuit by a Vietnam War veteran who was denied benefits for 45 years may have opened the doorway for other veterans in Pennsylvania and other regions of the country to get the benefits they deserve. The case involved a man who was dishonorably discharged from military service as a result of post traumatic stress disorder. The fact his discharge was labeled dishonorable has prevented him from obtaining veterans' benefits -- until now.

Be sure to investigate alternative veterans' benefits programs

On Memorial Day each year, we are reminded of the brave men and women who gave their lives in service of their country. Memorial Day is especially important for Pennsylvania veterans who made the same sacrifice but were fortunate enough to survive their years in the armed services. Still, many of the veterans who survived are wounded, living with amputations, disabilities and post traumatic stress, and they are not receiving the veterans' benefits they are qualified to receive.

Delays possible as many seek veterans' benefits

Individuals who serve in the United States armed forces are entitled to a range of benefits in return for that service. In fact, veterans' benefits are among the top incentives for young people who sign on to serve their country. Unfortunately, these benefits are not always easy to come by, and many of the men and women in Pennsylvania who chose military service will encounter difficulty when the time comes to reap these promised rewards.

Pennsylvania veterans' benefits lawyer

Pennsylvania veterans have sacrificed a great deal so that regular, everyday Americans can keep their freedoms. As such, not only do veterans deserve our respect, but they also deserve to be taken care of when they are in need. Indeed, as every veterans' benefits lawyer knows, most veterans are entitled to receive a wide variety of benefits relating to medical care and other types of disability needs. 

Pennsylvania veterans' benefits attorney

Pennsylvania veterans might find their veterans' benefits paperwork to be deceptively easy. On the other hand, they might also find it difficult to understand and even intimidating. In some cases, an individual might be physically or mentally incapable of completing a veterans' benefits application because he or she is suffering from a disability.

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