Social Security disability: Are we in danger of losing it?

Recent statistics show that 20 percent more Americans have qualified to receive Social Security disability following the election of President Obama. Some are saying that the increase in benefits recipients has put the program on the edge of financial insolvency. So many Americans are depending on Social Security disability benefits for their daily life expenses that any sign that the program is no longer financially viable is certainly cause for concern for Pennsylvania residents and the rest of the nation.

According to one figure, the Social Security Disability Trust fund had a deficit of $31.49 billion during fiscal year 2013. Social Security disability expenditures are approximately twice what they were 10 years ago. If this deficit is not corrected, the Social Security trust fund balance, which currently totals $100.49 billion, will be completely spent by the year 2016.

Following 15 years of operating in the black, without a deficit, the Social Security disability fund has been operating in the red ever since President Obama took office. This is also the general time period for the Great Recession, which has caused enormous financial problems for Americans and our government. Indeed, the recession may largely be to blame for the Social Security disability deficit, since Social Security disability applications tend to increase significantly during poor economic times.

Clearly, no one wants to be in a position where they require government assistance to pay for their living expenses. However, some Americans need this vital assistance, and without it, they would be unable to cope. Nevertheless, as harsh economic times continue, the government is becoming increasingly selective with regard to the Social Security disability benefits it awards to Americans requiring assistance. This is why it is vital for Pennsylvania residents to take a strategic approach toward their Social Security disability application. Various legal methods can assist persons with disabilities to maximize the level of disability payments they qualify for and increase the chances that they will succeed in getting that much-needed financial assistance.

Source:, SSA: Disability Recipients Soar, Funding Nearly Depleted Under Obama, Jennifer G. Hickey, Dec. 17, 2013