Pennsylvania nursing home settles abuse lawsuit over beating

A nursing home abuse lawsuit filed against a Pennsylvania nursing home was settled early in February, with the facility's management company agreeing to pay $125,000 to the family of a resident who died two weeks after she was badly beaten by a certified nurse's aide in 2009. The woman suffered a bleeding and bruising on her eye, face and neck in the alleged nursing home abuse.

According to media reports, the victim, 77, was in poor health, but was a pleasant and cooperative resident of Valley View Home in Blair County. She had lived at the nursing home for almost exactly two years when, one night in August 2009, she was hit and chocked by an aide. When other nursing home employees came to work the next day, the resident was upset and told them that she had been hit. The victim had a black eye, blood and bruises on her face and marks on her neck. She died about two weeks after the incident.

Investigators narrowed their search to one nurse's aide, who denied assaulting the resident. But after taking a voice stress test, a sheriff's deputy concluded that the aide was lying. A witness reportedly saw the aide physically attack another resident the same night as the first incident. However, the aid was not charged after authorities said that the victim died due to heart problems.

Seeking justice for her mother, the victim's daughter filed a lawsuit against Valley View's management company. The company denied that its employee beat the woman and said that her injuries were because she "bruised easily." However, rather than take the case to trial, the company settled the case for $125,000.

Source: Altoona Mirror, "Valley View Home settles assault case," Phil Ray, Feb. 6, 2013