Veterans' benefits lawyer: A solution to the red-tape nightmare

The men and women who have served in our armed forces deserve much better than being forced to fight a red-tape nightmare when applying for their well-earned veterans' benefits. Hundreds of forms can be required to file a United States veterans' claim for health or disability benefits. In a system that's both clogged and backlogged, veterans here in Pennsylvania or anywhere else can best be served by enlisting the aid of a knowledgeable veterans' benefits lawyer to help cut through the walls of red tape.

Some eye-opening figures were recently released by a non-profit advocacy group looking into what a veteran can expect to deal with when applying for health or disability benefits. The group claims that there are more than 600 forms that take three hours to complete per individual. Because veterans are filling out hundreds of forms, the Department of Veterans Affairs must process over 30 million paperwork items every year.

Both sides of the aisle have been complaining over the backlog and last April a letter was sent by the Senate to President Obama urging that something be done to clean up the claims-processing system that has both discouraged and frustrated veterans applying for benefits. According to the response issued by The White House, the Department of Veterans Affairs has been relying upon a 1950s-style paper-based processing system that has become overloaded and clogged. The White House response also said that a 13 percent increase in funding for the Veterans Affairs Department has been requested as a means of financing a long-overdue revamping of the administration's processing methods and a switch over to a modern-day electronic filing system.

Until the system is fixed and the mid-20th century paper-based system is replaced by something more befitting of our modern world, veterans will continue to face the wall of red tape. Many veterans here in Pennsylvania and across the country have found that one way to beat the red tape nightmare is by engaging the services of someone who is familiar with the filing process and who fully understands the wide variety of forms that need to be filled out. The services of a veterans' benefits lawyer can help ensure that a claim is filed properly from the start and that it does not come back for time-consuming and frustrating corrections and re-submissions.

Source:, "Veterans Must Fill Out Hundreds Of Forms In Red Tape Nightmare, Says Group," Elaine Radford, July 3, 2013