Pennsylvania grant helps prevent elder and nursing home abuse

Recently, an emaciated and starving older woman was taken to a senior center. Her grandson stated that the woman did not have any more money and he could not afford to pay her living expenses himself. In reality, the grandson had spent a total $86,000 of his grandmother's money to finance his drug expenses and purchase other amenities for his personal benefit. Whether it is elder abuse or nursing home abuse, Pennsylvania senior citizens are vulnerable and it is important for anyone who discovers such abuse occurring to take legal action to put a stop to it.

One county district attorney stated that cases such as this one are not uncommon. The horrors of elder abuse persist throughout the country, but an organization called AWARE Inc. is utilizing a Pennsylvania state grant to prevent elder abuse. They have been teaming up with the office of the district attorney for the last three years and making significant progress.

One of the primary missions of the initiative has been to foster public awareness while assisting senior citizens who are in need of protection. AWARE describes the problem of elder abuse as the mistreatment and abuse of people who are 60 years of age and older. Typically, that abuse is done by a caregiver or family member and it results in financial, physical, sexual, mental or emotional harm to the senior citizen being cared for. Unfortunately, many instances of elder abuse go unnoticed by the person being abused and/or the elder is terrified to report it.

Any Pennsylvania resident who becomes aware of nursing home abuse or elder abuse taking place in the community can reach out for professional assistance. This kind of abuse is illegal, and those who are guilty of perpetrating such horrible conduct against another human being can be held financially and criminally accountable. There is no excuse for allowing elder abuse to continue once it has been discovered. Numerous laws exist to protect senior citizens, and no human being should have to be subjected to such harsh treatment.

Source:, Theres help for seniors being abused, Melissa Klaric, Oct. 8, 2013