Tips for filing for Social Security Disability in Pennsylvania

According to predictions issued forth by the Social Security Administration, a quarter of all 20-year-olds will find themselves disabled b the age of 67. When that time comes, Social Security disability will be there for them, whether they live in Pennsylvania or another state. However, completing the necessary paperwork to successfully apply for and obtain such benefits can be a confusing and difficult process. In fact, there are several things that every disabled person must know before beginning the application process.

For example, applicants must be aware of the four primary criteria they must meet to qualify for Social Security disability. First, there must exist a medical impairment that is severe enough to prevent them from working. Second, the disability must be either ongoing for over one year and/or it must continue until the person dies. Third, the disability must cause applicants to be unable to perform the same kind of work they were able to do before it started. Fourth, applicants are prohibited from doing other kinds of work due to their impairment.

Next, applicants are required to have enough work credits, which are based off their total wages per year of working, or the income they received while self-employed. Typically, an applicant will require 40 credits and 20 of those must have been earned inside the previous 10 years. That said, a younger worker will be permitted to apply for disability with less credits.

Pennsylvania residents may apply for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits on their own, or they may seek professional assistance. There are various reasons for obtaining a professional to assist in the disability application process. Namely, if an application has been denied, a professional may be able to secure benefits where another person could not. Also, applicants who have professional assistance may be able to obtain better results and the maximum dollar amount of monthly Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

Source: Chicago Tribune, Applying for Social Security disability is a complicated process, but worth it, Elliot Raphaelson, Oct. 15, 2013