Veterans' benefits lawyer may help caregivers receive benefits

War is a traumatic experience for those directly involved in combat. Many people come home to Pennsylvania and other states from overseas wars after they have been injured and rendered physically disabled. Others end up with severe psychological problems related to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is why a veterans' benefits lawyer will work hard in order to ensure those who have served the country receive the help they earned while in combat.

Under a new federal program, disabled veterans are able to receive a monthly stipend in order to help with the medical costs incurred by caregivers. One woman is grateful for this program because it provides her a $2,000 per month stipend in order to help care for her son who was paralyzed and almost blinded while in an overseas war. The program also trains the woman on how to best care for her son while also providing a minimum of 30 days of care each year for her disabled veteran son.

However, there are many families of disabled veterans who are not able to receive benefits under the new program. For instance, one woman whose husband was disabled during his service in the Vietnam War is not eligible for the new program. The program, which was created in 2010, limits eligibility to veterans who had served in the military since the beginning of the U.S. War on Terror.

Despite being ineligible, a veteran who does not qualify for the new program may still be able to obtain assistance from a veterans' benefits lawyer in Pennsylvania or in any other state. It is possible other federal programs for assistance may be available to veterans that are not covered by the new program. However, the chances of success in applying for benefits will depend on applying relevant laws to an individual's specific situation.

Source: ABC News, Many Vets' Caregivers Cut out From Federal Benefit, Kevin Freking, Sept. 4, 2013