Conference held to educate lawyers on veterans' benefits issues

United States Senator Mark Warner recently gave a keynote address at the National Conference on Law Clinics Serving Veterans in order to bring more awareness to veterans' issues. The lawmaker addressed the fact that numerous veterans are returning to the United States after serving in overseas wars and will then require legal assistance to get their veterans' benefits. The free program lasted for two days and was held not far from Pittsburgh in our nation's capital. Law school deans and law school faculty members with veterans' benefits specialties were encouraged to attend.

In addition to law school faculty, working lawyers from a number of law firms also attended the conference, which boasted over 100 attendances. In his keynote address, Senator Warner said that lawyers looking to help veterans must be proactive in their approaches. He said that legal staff need to go the extra mile because so many veterans are trying to overcome enormous difficulties.

The senator stressed that veterans' benefits help ex-soldiers decrease their tension levels while trying to re-integrate back into their old jobs and resume their lives with family members. The president of William & Mary, who introduced the senator, made comments to the effect that law firms helping veterans are making a significant difference to better the lives of everyday Americans who served in the armed forces. Among the various issues addressed at the conference were the psychological needs of veterans. A two-credit Continuing Legal Education course on veterans' benefits law was also provided. According to one attendee, the conference exceeded the expectations of attendees and was an overall success.

Any efforts to educate lawyers and law school faculty in Pittsburgh and the rest of the country on the importance of veterans' benefits law is a positive step forward. Indeed, the more familiar one's legal representative is with issues and laws surrounding veterans' benefits issues, the more successful a veteran will be when applying for benefits. Considering how many veterans are currently suffering in the United States unnecessarily, it is hoped that the valuable information spread by this conference will help as many individuals as possible to obtain the veterans' benefits they need.

Source:, "Warner provides keynote address at Veterans Benefits Clinic Conference", David F. Morrill, April 10, 2014