Caregiver found guilty of nursing home abuse

A caregiver was recently convicted of abuse in a northwest state. The caregiver was in charge of caring for an elderly female patient, but rather than safeguarding the woman’s health, the 60-year-old staff member committed various forms of nursing home abuse on her patient, including beating and verbally abusing her. She also poured water into her patient's feeding tube.

The caregiver’s abuse was caught on hidden video camera by the elderly victim’s family, and the video evidence was subsequently used to convict the caregiver of nursing home abuse in court. Although this case did not occur in Pennsylvania, similar events have occurred in this state and, similarly, families have succeeded in capturing the abuse on camera. According to the elderly victim’s son, he had no choice but to install the hidden camera after noticing bruises on his mother.

The recorded video footage revealed that the woman had placed her hand over the victim’s mouth, verbally abused her and abused her in other unconscionable ways. The video also revealed that the woman was being intentionally abused. As such, the judge who decided the case sentenced the caregiver to 10 years, and four of those years must be served in custody.

No individual in Pennsylvania or the rest of the United States should ever have to be subjected to nursing home abuse. Indeed, many individuals have died as a result of such abuse and/or suffered serious injuries. Family members of injured or deceased victims of nursing home abuse may wish to pursue wrongful death claims or help their family member pursue a personal injury claim regarding the injuries suffered. If successfully navigated, such a claim could bring vital financial restitution for physical, emotional and financial damages.

Source:, "Former caregiver sentenced in nursing home abuse case", Dave Detling, Aug. 7, 2014