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Doctor loses license after medical malpractice allegations

A state board of osteopathic medicine has approved the suspension of a medical doctor’s license unanimously. The suspended doctor was accused of using dirty syringes on several of his patients. Whether these accusations are true, the danger of using dirty syringes in Pennsylvania is real and could constitute as medical malpractice in many cases.

The executive director of the board says that the suspension of the doctor will serve to shut down the physician’s pain management clinic. Essentially, it is going to put the doctor out of business, the executive director says. Nevertheless, the neurosurgeon who has been subjected to the suspension will now be permitted to have a hearing with the board within the next 15 days.

According to a representative of the board, non-sterile techniques had allegedly been observed during a state investigation of the doctor’s facilities. Still, the doctor has denied the dirty needle allegations being brought against him. One of the board’s biggest concerns was the fact that the accused doctor refused to provide them with a patient list. The board would like to use the patient list to notify individuals that they may have been in danger of HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C exposure.

While the instant matter occurred in a nearby state, it is important that all Pennsylvania doctors be subjected to scrutiny, too -- especially when there is a fear of medical malpractice. Also, patients who believe that they have been seriously injured due to a doctor’s errors may wish to investigate the potential for a legal claim to seek financial restitution. If successfully navigated, a medical malpractice claim could help victims obtain money to pay for the medical care required to treat their injuries. They could also receive restitution for other types of damages associated with pain and suffering, loss of consortium and attorneys fees and litigation costs.

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