Social Security Disability Insurance benefits can be huge help

Being told that one can no longer work in Pennsylvania due to a medical condition can be emotionally debilitating, just as the medical condition can be mentally or physically debilitating. When a person feels lost and weak upon hearing this news, however, he or she can find strength in Social Security Disability Insurance. This insurance is often the only source disabled people and their families can depend on.

Payroll taxes help to fund retirement as well as disability insurance. This is critical because today’s young adults have a 33 percent chance of needing disability benefits prior to reaching retirement. The risk of becoming disabled peaks when a person is between 50 and 64 years old.

The reason that an increasing number of people are receiving disability benefits is that the population is growing overall, baby boomers are aging and more women are part of the American labor force. In addition, the age for full retirement for Social Security has increased by one year recently, to 66. It’s worth noting that the standards for accepting a person’s disability claim remain strict.

It can be humiliating to find out that one’s claim was rejected. However, proper legal guidance may enable a person to effectively fight for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, which may be necessary to adequately support his or her spouse and children. Once a person is awarded these benefits, he or she may still choose to work part-time in order to modestly supplement his or her income in Pennsylvania.

Source:, "Social Security Disability Insurance Is Not Out of Control", Chad Stone, Aug. 22, 2014