Misdiagnosis injuries in Pennsylvania

When a Pennsylvania resident is suffering from a medical condition, it is vital that he or she be diagnosed in a timely fashion -- particularly if the medical condition is life-threatening. In many cases, a life-threatening condition is easy to treat and correct if discovered in a timely fashion. When a misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis results in injury or death, it could give rise to a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

A misdiagnosis can happen for a variety of reasons. In certain instances, a doctor may neglect to order necessary tests to reveal the warning signs of a particular medical problem. Other times, doctors may perform a test but forget to look for important warning signs or fail to understand the significance of those signs. In other cases, a doctor may make a completely incorrect diagnosis.

At Robert Peirce & Associates, PC, we have extensive experience helping Pennsylvania residents with their medical negligence cases relating to delayed diagnoses or misdiagnosis. Many of the cases we handle include claims relating to failed meningitis and diabetes diagnoses. We also handle many claims relating to failed diagnosis of heart disease and cancer.

No matter what the medical condition is, a misdiagnosis could result in very costly medical bills. If the misdiagnosis results in death, then family members may be obligated to pay for end-of-life expenses and struggle financially due to missing family income. All of these damages, costs and more can be sought in a successfully navigated Pennsylvania medical malpractice claim.