Are America's soldiers getting their veterans' benefits?

Veterans put their lives on the line to protect the rights and liberties that all of us cherish. How is it, then, that the Department of Veterans (VA) -- according to some reports -- fights them tooth and nail in order to avoid giving them the benefits they so justly deserve. In countless wars, veterans have become disabled by gunshot wounds and/or have contracted post-traumatic stress disorder and other injuries. Vast numbers of veterans in Pennsylvania and the rest of the nation are currently uninsured, unemployed, homeless and waiting for helpful veterans' benefits, but they might never receive them unless they take action.

Individuals who served with honor and dignity in the Armed Forces are denied their veterans' benefits. Indeed, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) claims that, on any random evening, there are 58,000 veterans without roofs over their heads. As of January, more than 800,000 veterans were without jobs.

Statistics also suggest that approximately 2.2 million people who served in the armed forces are currently without health insurance (along with their families). As such, not only are veterans being hurt by not receiving the benefits they deserve, but their families are too. Some believe that this 2.2 million figure will be reduced as the Affordable Care Act will provide subsidized coverage to vets and people in their immediate families.

Americans living in Pennsylvania and elsewhere can take action to help ensure that veterans receive the benefits they deserve. However, disabled veterans, veterans injured by gunshot wounds and unemployed veterans alike can also individually stand up for their rights as well -- by properly filing claims to receive their much-needed benefits. Indeed, there are many services available to veterans, but they must first educate themselves on how the system operates to maximize the level of benefits they can qualify for. In some cases, lawsuits and other pleas for lawful relief can be beneficial in getting a soldier the veterans' benefits he or she is owed.