Family of Pennsylvania doctor files medical malpractice claim

A hospital is faced with a lawsuit after a patient died under their care. The family of a patient, who was also a doctor, filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the Pennsylvania medical facility, claiming that staff members were negligent in giving appropriate and timely care. The hospital has responded to the suit.

The patient had just become a doctor after graduating from the Commonwealth Medical College. She went into the hospital for treatment with complaints of ongoing headaches and bruising for unknown reasons. She was admitted and, during her stay, her condition got even worse. She then suffered from a stroke and had a substantial amount of hemorrhaging from the brain. Eventually, she suffered irreversible brain damage and was transferred to another medical facility to be placed on life support.

Due to her irreversible condition, she was taken off life support and died thereafter. Her family claims that her death was caused by the hospital staff's negligence, and that the blood clots in her brain could have easily been treated and corrected. However, the hospital disagrees and stated that the staff rendered correct care within an appropriate timeframe.

Losing a loved one due to hospital negligence is devastating for many families. It is reasonable to expect Pennsylvania medical professionals to exercise due care when rendering treatment, especially in an emergency situation. When a death does happen, families may have the right to file medical malpractice claims against the hospital and/or physician who was treating the patient. Evidence that deems the hospital responsible may result in favorable claims.

Source:, Geisinger fights claim poor treatment led to young doctor's death, Bob Kalinowski, Feb. 3, 2014