Proposed veterans' benefits legislation shot down by the Senate

Pennsylvania is home to numerous veterans, some of whom spent years overseas. A recent piece of legislation brought before the Senate was intended to improve and expand the various veterans' benefits they receive -- such as education and health care benefits, for example. Unfortunately, the legislation was shot down by the Senate after 60 essential votes -- that were required to keep the legislation active -- were not obtained.

According to many of the proposed legislation's opponents, it was too costly, too large and the Department of Veterans Affairs would have a difficult time keeping up with the new and expanded benefits it promised. The Senator who authored the legislation, however, argued that a lot of the issues addressed by the bill had already been approved of in other pending legislation being considered by Congress. Nevertheless, opponents made other points regarding their fears over funding, saying that the United States was winding down its involvement in different wars, and the budget for paying out veteran's benefits would therefore be shrinking.

Various benefits offered by the proposed bill included more money for increasing pensions to better match the current cost of living. It also included reproductive services for wounded soldiers who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, and more. In addition, the bill was to expand the scope of benefits offered to family members caring for disabled soldiers.

It is a shame that this legislation, which had received support from almost all veterans groups, was not passed by the Senate, many benefits do exist for veterans. Indeed, veterans' benefits include money for medical care, money for education, pensions for retirees and other forms of aid, which many veterans in Pennsylvania are not currently taking advantage of. By reviewing a particular veteran's information, medical records and other data, the best strategies for obtaining the maximum possible benefits available can be devised.

Source: USA Today, Senate rejects bill on veterans benefits, Greg Zoroya, Feb. 27, 2014