$55 million medical malpractice payout from Pennsylvania hospital

Birth can be a difficult and stressful thing for any Pennsylvania mother. Thankfully, modern science has greatly lessened the impact and stress that labor and birth can cause a woman. In the past before hospitals and this modern science came to be, there was often tragedy as a result of lack of medical care. Although women are now at a great advantage when giving birth, lack of attention from doctors or hospital staff can lead to the same negative outcomes women had to face long ago. A woman has sued a Pennsylvania hospital for medical malpractice after her son was severely injured during birth, in one of these apparent cases of lack of attention by doctors.

A 4-year-old boy is now severely developmentally delayed in addition to having cerebral palsy after his mother delivered him in 2009. The hospital where his mother chose to deliver her child allegedly had warning signs that the child wasn't getting nearly enough oxygen while still inside his mother's womb. As a result of further complications, the woman began to hemorrhage and required an emergency Cesarean section.

The mother decided to take action after her son suffered such debilitating injuries due to what she saw as medical negligence. After she sued the hospital and doctor, the jury found the doctor who delivered her child in addition to the hospital each 50 percent at fault for his oxygen deprivation. The mother and child were then awarded $55 million in restitution.

Although the money can be used for rehabilitation and special medical care for the child, it cannot change what happened. The mother would likely give back the money if it meant her child was not affected, but of course that cannot happen. There may be victims of medical malpractice daily in Pennsylvania and this mother is proof that it may be beneficial to dispute anything if it is felt the hospital or staff are liable.

Source: leighvalleylive.com, Jury awards family $55 million for boy's injuries at birth at St. Luke's University Hospital, Precious Petty, Dec. 24, 2013