Nursing home neglect suit over patient bed sores

Nursing home neglect is a continuing issue faced by numerous Pennsylvania residents. The most unfortunate aspect of nursing home neglect, however, is the fact that much of it goes unreported. For this reason, family members and friends of those living in nursing homes may want to keep an eye on the care that their loved one is receiving.

Recently, a nursing home in the Southwest was named in a lawsuit for its alleged failure to provide residents with appropriate levels of care, particularly relating to bed sores. In one of the instances cited in the lawsuit, a man died from a serious infection that he developed after the nursing facility staff neglected to tend to his infected bed sore. Allegedly, family members had even notified the nursing home staff that their relative’s bed sore required treatment, but staff members ignored the problem until it became deadly.

The 31-year-old man was living at the nursing home because he suffered from disabilities relating to spina bifida. When he went home for a visit with his family, though, his relatives noticed an infected bed sore on his body that was the size of a golf ball. Later, in spite of the man’s relatives requesting that staff at the nursing home treat the bed sore, the staff allegedly ignored the problem. The man later died after the infection spread throughout his body.

Each case of nursing home neglect is unique in Pennsylvania. Some cases involve allegations of unintentional negligence, while others involve intentional acts. Others may include different forms of physical abuse or sexual violence against a nursing home resident. Family members who notice that their loved one has suffered injury or other ill-effects from nursing home neglect or abuse can help their loved one seek restitution under the law. By pursuing such a legal matter, not only can individuals pursue compensation for their injuries, but they can also bring attention and increased scrutiny to a negligent facility, where it may be likely that more residents are also being subjected to mistreatment.

Source:, "State sues Arlington nursing home, alleging neglect of patients", Elizabeth Campbell, June 19, 2014