Victim of malnutrition and other elder abuse dies in nursing home

A 70-year-old woman recently died in a nursing home because she was worried about going back to her home. Only months before her death, her daughter and the boyfriend of her daughter were convicted of exploiting, physically abusing and neglecting her, resulting in malnutrition and other health issues. This case occurred in a state next door to Pennsylvania; however, cases of elderly abuse, including nursing home abuse and other forms of exploitation of the elderly, are common in this state and elsewhere.

In this particular elder abuse matter, the woman had been kept in a dirty, un-air-conditioned room. She was virtually held captive while her daughter and the boyfriend of her daughter sold off and spent her physical and financial belongings. The also kept family members from making contact with the woman when these family members might have been able to help her.

For the attorney who represented the elderly woman, it was a very unfortunate case. According to the woman’s attorney, her client had a great love for her daughter; however, she could no longer support being abused. In June 2012, the woman had to beg hospital workers to remove her from her home so that the abuse would stop. Unfortunately, after she was taken to a nursing facility, she died and was never able to return home to where she had lived for 30 years prior to her death.

The details of the abuse in this woman’s case -- which involved malnutrition, poor living conditions and physical abuse -- ultimately resulted in the conviction of her daughter and the daughter's boyfriend. The abuse of this woman was sick and shameful, as are many cases of elder and nursing home abuse in Pennsylvania. For those who suspect that they or their loved one are currently being victimized by elder or nursing home abuse, restitution may be available. Indeed, no one should ever have to put up with unfair treatment the way the victim had to in this case. Those who are guilty of committing or allowing elderly abuse can be held liable under the law.

Source:, "Savannah elder abuse victim wins in court, loses battle for life", Jan Skutch, June 8, 2014