Medical facility must pay $1,730 for nursing home neglect

Pennsylvania residents must make sure that the quality of care received by their loved ones is the best that it can possibly be. Nursing home neglect is all too common in the United States, and tragically, much of it goes completely unreported. However, when identified, victims and their families can seek justice and financial compensation under the law.

Recently, a nursing home was fined for various incidents of nursing home neglect. Witness reports indicated that the medical center's staff physically and verbally abused the residents of the facility. Further, staff members allegedly failed to report to doctors about instances of residents suffering from rashes.

As for improper behavior, one witness claimed to have seen a nursing aide handling a resident roughly. Allegedly, the aide was forceful while removing a patient's pants and caused the patient to moan in pain. In another reported situation, a nursing aide directed foul and insulting language at a resident regarding the incontinence suffered by the resident. In response to the allegations, the nursing home said that it considered the health and safety of its residents to be its top priority.

Considering the extent of the witnessed abuse, and the high cost of nursing home services, many might consider a fine of $1,730 to be minimal. However, the victims of the abuse -- including those who were forced to suffer with rashes for days before staff members notified doctors -- may have valid claims for nursing home neglect. Victims of this abuse in Pennsylvania can pursue financial compensation for their suffering. They can also seek damages relating to the high cost of the nursing home services, which they did not properly receive.

Source:, Chester nursing home fined over abuse incidents, Kate Farrish, March 7, 2014