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Medical malpractice verdict awards $2.88 million to family

Elderly residents in Pennsylvania tend to be the ones who visit their doctors the most. With increased visits to hospitals, however, comes the increased risk of becoming the victim of medical malpractice. Fortunately, those who suffer injury from doctor error and/or the families of those who are killed can seek justice by filing a civil suit in court. While the results of such a case are never guaranteed, financial restitution and other types of restitution can be obtained when such a claim is successfully navigated.

In one recent medical malpractice case, the family of a deceased man achieved a $2.88 million verdict in a wrongful death action. The claimants alleged that the man had been the patient of a pain clinic, where he was receiving lumbar epidural injections as treatment for his chronic pain condition. However, reportedly due to medical malpractice issues, the man developed life-altering complications, which allegedly resulted in him committing suicide.

Court papers filed by the claimants say that the man received a lumbar injection of a steroid, which resulted in him developing a lump. Doctors, however, were characterized as unconcerned with the lump and continued to give him injections. Following the second injection, the man came down with an infection. He then developed MRSA meningitis and arachnoiditis cauda equina syndrome.

The lawsuit asserted that the man's resulting back and leg pain caused by the syndrome inhibited his mobility. It allegedly caused him impotence and bowel problems too. Tragically, the man later committed suicide. According to the court papers, he also suffered from bipolar syndrome.

The jury decision in this medical malpractice case came after two days of deliberation. Ultimately, they award was in favor of the claimants, deciding that the man's suicide was the result of medical problems which arose from the negligence of his doctors. Victims of doctor negligence (and the families of deceased victims) in Pennsylvania can seek restitution, as the family did in this case. While each case is different, after examining medical documents and other facts relating to the claim, the best strategy for pursuing restitution may be revealed.

Source:, KC firm wins $2.88M verdict in JoCo medical malpractice case, Brianne Pfannenstiel, March 21, 2014

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